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Your Complete Guide To Hiking At Audubon State Park

John James Audubon State Park in Henderson’s great selection of hiking trails make for a wonderful escape to the woods, with trails ranging in skill level and distance. The 700-acre park sits directly off of busy Highway 41, but once you’ve entered the park the hustle and bustle of the highway is only an afterthought. If you’re looking for fresh air, the cheerful chirping of birds, and a nature-inspired getaway while practicing social distancing, check out the trails at this gem right here in Henderson.

First Things First: The Trails

Museum Trail (2.5 miles) Difficulty: Easy
Trailhead located behind Audubon museum, mostly paved surface.
Kentucky Coffee Tree Trail (0.5 miles) Difficulty: Moderate
Begins with Museum Trail, Coffee Tree Trail breaks off to the right into lush valley, trail ends on hilltop, hikers may make loop with woodpecker trail, trail is hilly.
Woodpecker Trail (0.4 miles) Difficulty: Easy
Begin by walking on Warbler Rd., see seven species of woodpecker, descends into valley, cross bridge and begin steady climb up hill, may return to museum by traveling back to Coffee Tree Trail.
Warbler Road (0.7 miles) Difficulty: Easy
Paved road, serves as location for many trailheads/trail endings, named for the 20 species of Warblers migrate to park during spring and summer, begins at main office parking lot.
King Benson Trail (0.3 miles) Difficulty: Easy
Begins at set of steps off main office parking lot, trail winds and joins Warbler Rd., relatively easy.
Wilderness Lake Trail (1 mile) Difficulty: Moderate
Begins off Warbler Rd., travels around Wilderness Lake-a state nature preserve, follows ridge line before descending to lake by way of steep stairway, various wildflowers and wildlife, trail is hilly at times.
Scenic Overlook Trail (0.22 miles) Difficulty: Easy
Trail diverges from Wilderness Lake Trail at CCC shelter, good view of lake from above.
Back Country Trail (1.6 miles) Difficulty: Moderate
Accessed through Warbler Rd. and Wilderness Lake Trail, travels over hilly terrain in northern section of Nature Preserve.

Eagle Glen Pet Trail
 (0.9 miles) Difficulty: Advanced
Only trail that allows leashed pets, begins in museum parking lot, difficult due hilly terrain and amount of steps.

Audubon Wetlands Trail (1 mile) Difficulty: Easy
Short trail loop that features a wide wooden boardwalk that spans about .25 of a mile.

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But Let’s Not Forget: The Rules

The Kentucky State Parks system has rules in place to protect the natural habitat, animals, and you!
• Please stay on designated trail.
• Trails are open from sunrise to sunset
• Do not hike alone.
• Proper footwear recommended. This helps preserve the trail’s natural resources.
• Be sure to carry out any items, including garbage, that you carry in with you.
The following activities are prohibited on the hiking trails, unless otherwise noted:
• Motorized vehicles
• ATVs
• Campfires
• Horseback Riding
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Rappelling and rock climbing
• Hunting or disturbing wildlife
• Collecting or digging for artifacts
• Picking flowers or harming plants
• Carving or damaging rock formations and trees
• Pets are allowed on Eagle Glen Pet Trail (must be on leash)