A legendary naturalist discovered his calling here...

What will you discover?

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Discover Your Nature

Framed by nature, Henderson is a vibrant river town retreat-- the Ohio River rolls, the birds fly. With a charming downtown, dynamic culinary scene, and plenty of fresh air to go around, Henderson is a place where you can discover your nature. What will you discover?

Upcoming Events

From high-energy music festivals on our riverfront and world-class performances at the Preston Arts Center to easy weekends at the Farmers Market and art openings at Gallery 101, our events calendar offers something for everyone.

National Trails Day Twilight Hike
Fireworks Celebration
Art Hop
Dia de los Muertos
Audubon in spring


Discover the magic of the season as you journey through miles of hiking trails, cozy up in one of six cabins, and experience Audubon Museum & Nature Center.

Historic Henderson

If these walls could talk...

Boasting one of the largest collections of still-standing 19th century homes in Kentucky, history comes alive as you stroll the historic streets of downtown Henderson with our self-guided tour.

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welcome to the bbq belt

Dotted along the backroads of our region is a culinary passage known as the BBQ Belt, featuring locally-owned BBQ joints that have been perfecting their craft for generations. 

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Celebrate the Songs of Summer

The weather is turning warmer and the laid back, festival town vibes are in the air. Move to the beat of your own drum at one of five award-winning festivals!

Views from Henderson 😊
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Get outside, discover your nature! 
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As National Travel and Tourism Week unfolds, it's time to shine a spotlight on the heartbeat of hospitality—YOU! Whether you're rolling silverware, restocking shelves, or ensuring every guest feels at home, your dedication is unmatched. Henderson's hospitality wouldn't be what it is without your efforts. Thank you for all that you do! 🙌
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Sitting riverside, on the banks of the Ohio 🌅
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From sketchbook to sky, discover your nature in Henderson, KY🐦
This #NTTW24 , let’s celebrate how the travel industry powers the economy, connects our people, creates quality job opportunities and supports our communities. #tourism #travel #henderson #kentucky #visit
PorchFest incoming! 🎶 Missed out on SummerFest? Fear not! Join us on June 1st for Henderson's PorchFest, where the Songs of Summer continue to play. Don't miss the beat!
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