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10 of our Favorite Photos from #HendersonKY in September

So many beautiful images were shared on Instagram by folks all around Henderson in September! Here, we’re highlighting some of our favorites that were tagged with #HendersonKY. Use the hashtag #HendersonKY in your posts on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured next month! 


1- @chare_bear88

You’re right, @chare_bear88, there’s just something about those #HendersonKY sunsets that no one can resist!


2- @shellybond2005

@shellybond2005 soaked up the last few days of waterfront fountain season! #HelloFall


3- @remote_ramblers

@remote_ramblers enjoyed a beautiful day at a beautiful place! #FarmerandFrenchman


4- @lornawlittrell

@lornawlittrell shared her great #AudubonStatePark adventures with us once again!


5- @loudblueberry

@loudblueberry is making us crave all of the seasonal treats! #PumpkinSpiceEverything


6- @kentucky_nature_wildlife_pics

Did you know that Bald Eagles love the waterfront habitats in Henderson? @kentucky_nature_wildlife_pics sure did! #HeartEyes


7- @letaluvsrob

@letaluvsrob discovered the perfect date night venue at #FarmerandFrenchman!


8- @simplytabmee

Thank you, @simplytabmee, for sharing this beautiful image of the new trail bridge at #AudubonStatePark!


9- @maxii_ky

There’s nothing we love more than a good #DogsinParks photo! Thanks for sharing your adventures, @maxii_ky!


10- @hendersonarts

Wynonna & The Big Noise kicked off the #HendersonArts season of events & had a great time in Henderson!