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6 Walking Trails With Wooden Bridges

There’s something about going off the beaten path that is exciting… Have you ever been on a winding trail through the woods, when a bridge suddenly appeared in your path? It gives you a sense of connection, that someone once walked this same path and believed there was something more to see. Think about it… Have you ever stumbled upon a bridge while exploring a new trail and thought, I guess I’ll turn back now… no way, not us! Exploring is our human nature. These six Henderson, Kentucky trails have wooden bridges and are begging for you to go on an adventure!


  1. Sandy Lee Watkins Park – Walking Trail

    This popular walking trail is out in the county among plenty of wide open space. Last year the trail got a new vintage addition! This 19th century bridge was made around 1880 and was moved to August, Kentucky in the 1920s. The Bowstring Pony Truss Bridge relocation to Sandy Lee Watkins Park in 2017 makes this section of the trail over 130 years old!

  2. John James Audubon State Park – Wilderness Lake Trail

    There are a couple of wooden bridges here, but you’ll find this particular narrow bridge hovering over the waters of Wilderness Lake. This is a great stopping point to pause and watch minnows swim and cattails sway. You’re also likely to see turtles, deer, and a variety of bird species.

  3. Audubon Wetlands – Boardwalk Trail

    Another new addition to Henderson, this trail is one of the locals’ favorites! This wide wooden boardwalk is about a quarter of a mile long, and has great views of the wetlands. Be careful what time of year you visit! Since this trail is close to the Ohio River, it’s not uncommon for this trail to flood in the spring. But the beauty and views in the summer are spectacular!

  4. Newman Park – Canoe Creek Trail

    This network of trails is mountain bike friendly, dog friendly, and the paved part of the trail is stroller friendly! It’s easy to feel like you are off the grid on this trail. There are beautiful views from up high that look over the creek and easy to read signage and directionals. It’s a great place for a brisk walk or extended hike!

  5. BIAC – Brain Injury Adventure Camp & High Ropes Course

    You’ll have to take a few country backroads to get to this hidden gem. Not only does BIAC have trails and bridges, it also has high and low ropes courses, as well as a zip-line, and a lodging facility. This place is great for group events and those who are looking for a little extra thrill on their next outdoor adventure.

  6. Sloughs Wildlife Management Area

    If you truly are searching for off-the-grid, the Sloughs Wildlife Management Area is full of adventure. We saved this spot for last, because it’s really different than the rest. While there’s no wooden bridge per se, there is a trail of these wooden observation platforms that are easy to find if you can follow driving directions. If you head towards the Henderson County Regional airport, look for the sign just as you pass the Geneva Store, you’ll turn right almost immediately. Follow KY-268 towards the Sloughs and you’ll notice a handful of these great observation decks scattered in a trail-like fashion! Even if you don’t want to get out of your vehicle, you will still see a lot of wildlife and nature driving through the Sloughs.

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